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Spray Gun GTI PRO LITE black 1.3mm nozzle LVMP Car Paint Tool for car spray tool

Innovative trigger design, smooth and comfortable handle, very easy to clean and maintain. The forged and pressed pistol body is compact to prevent paint, extremely delicate mirror surface treatment, the appearance of the gun body release a fine work of art. Spout Size: 1.3mm, Spout Material: Top Quality Level Stainless…


Spray gun 600jm GTi Pro Lite GTE20 1.3Tips Limited Edition BLACK GTI tool

DeVilbiss GTi Pro Lite GTE20 1.3Tips Limited Edition BLACK’Hot Rod’ 600ml cup. Limited Edition DeVilbiss GTI ProLite Gravity Feed Air Spraygun with Hot Rod design. D eveloped for busy professional painters needing the ultimate in quality finishes. Ergonomic gun body design with TE20 air cap – Faster flow gloss/lacquer with…