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Industrial Space Heater 30Kw Kerosene Workshop Diesel Paraffin 102,500 Btu/Hr

Diesel filled space heater, giving out an impressive 750 m³ of heat every hour. 30Kw making it the ideal upgrade model from the standard gas/electric space heaters. Ideal for the larger workplaces. Automatic over heat protection and flame sensor safety features for peace of mind and security. Brand New, boxed…


US PRO INDUSTRIAL Extended Air Cut Off Tool Long Reach Shaft 3 Disc 8604 NEW

US PRO Air Cut Off Tool. Air cut off tool with a 6 extended shaft for hard to reach areas. High quality bearings reduce the vibration and the rear exhaust directs the air away from the work area. Ergonomic, anti slip, impact resistant composite handle for comfort and grip. Cutting…